Team Building Kenya

T[Together] E[Everyone] A[Achieves] M[More]
Team Building Activities play an essential part to encourage a company culture where employees can let their hair down around each other and enjoy their working environment.
  • Team Building
    Team building is a way for organizations (employers) to encourage team members (employees) to interact and integrate individual skills and resources into a unified effort.
    It is used to boost morale of a team and introduces team members to one another by having them interact outside of the normal work environment (comfort zone) and helps to build trust between members. Team building is fun and allows colleagues to see each other in a new light.
    The most important objective for the whole event is to have enjoyable time, through this, teams learn how to work together, communicate and build relationships. They will learn about each other’s strengths and personalities.
    Teambuilding has come a long way and teams are being pushed to the limit in the new global economy. Teams are being built and rebuilt faster than at any time in our history.

    Training programs are taking the place of the old teach me, tell me, test me training model that the managers of last decade knew and hated. People, teams and companies have to operate at their full potential or they will not be able to compete effectively even just to survive.
    Terms like comfort zone, out of the box, experiential learning, adventure learning, learn by doing, adventure based training, team learning, change management, change agent, group development, individual development, and so on would be foreign to our fathers and mothers but are now part of a corporate revolution that you are not exempt from.

    Programs using things like Challenge Courses and Adventure Courses have proven to be effective with Train the Trainer programs, Staff Development, In-service Training days, Off-sites, Leadership Development, Corporate Development and Corporate Training of all kinds.
    Our versatile outdoor events are suitable for a full day of team building, half day of group activities, a couple of hours as an incentive, or as an uplifting conference support activity. Each outdoor team building event is designed to promote group collaboration and is suitable for all abilities and ages. All activities have been specifically designed to incorporate everyone in your team, thus creating a level playing field at all times.